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95:00Great Win Lads - Well Donesmiffy1
95:00And that is it 3-2 Villa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!smiffy1
95:00Come on Ref - Blow that Bloody Whistlesmiffy1
94:00Kolarov heads it straight behind - Goal kick Villa - Take your time Ladssmiffy1
94:00Late corner for City - Maybe last chancesmiffy1
94:00Last minute - Come on Villasmiffy1
93:00Baker great challenge - Villa throw-insmiffy1
93:002 Minutes - Come on Villa and Guzan kicks it straight outsmiffy1
91:00Looked like Handball by City but it's a goal kick to Villasmiffy1
91:00Kozak hold it up and City commit a foulsmiffy1
90:00City throwsmiffy1
89:00Looks like 5 minutes of added time - Free kick to the Villa on half way linesmiffy1
88:00City on attack - Villa fighting hardsmiffy1
87:00Luna gets caught in teh facesmiffy1
86:00Villa throw and theyr're working hard nowsmiffy1
85:00Villa still defending deep inviting City to attack - This is not goodsmiffy1
84:00Goal Kick for Villa and I'm sure they will slow things down nowsmiffy1
83:00Great 2nd Half - and the Villa still hanging onsmiffy1
81:00City attacking and a good stop by Luna - Another chance and another save from Guzansmiffy1
80:0010 minutes to go - Can the Villa hold on?smiffy1
77:00Weiman off and Bowery onsmiffy1
75:00GOAL !!!! - Weimann one-on-one with Hart and flicks it around him. Come On Villa Hold Onsmiffy1
71:00Bacuna free kick - Perfect Free Kick - What a Goal !!! 2-2 and Bacuna's first goal for the Villasmiffy1
71:00Free kick on the edge of the 18 - TF queries it againsmiffy1
69:00Is this corner number 12? Guzan picks the cross out of the airsmiffy1
69:00City iffside - Thank God the Villa need a breaksmiffy1
66:00TF still moaning about the Villa - Go and watch the crappy Blues of you don't like it.smiffy1
64:00Nice pass from Milner - great movement Zabaleta - comes to nothing thoughsmiffy1
59:00Free header Dzeko - Poor effortsmiffy1
58:00Good volley by city and a good save by Guzansmiffy1
57:00Dzeko headed goal from the corner. Why oh why is there no-one on the back postsmiffy1
55:00It's now City's 10th corner and Dzeko heads it insmiffy1
54:002nd corner for Villa - Collected by Joe Hartsmiffy1
52:00Get in there - Never saw that coming. Good finish al-Ahmadismiffy1
50:001-1 nice ball from Bakuna and slotted in by Al-Hadismiffy1
48:00Villa just so deep and inviting City to attack - Why are we playing this formation?smiffy1
47:00Goal Kick Villa - Surprise Surprise TF thinks it could be a foulsmiffy1
46:00Kolarov from the edge of the box and it flashes wide. Closesmiffy1
46:00And the start of the second halfsmiffy1
45:00Half-Time and City winning 1-0. Villa Awfulsmiffy1
43:00Bakuna has been really bad - Poor distribution, out of position and not enough fightsmiffy1
43:00Toure shot - Close - Another corner - and it had to be Tourre 1-0 City. It had been comingsmiffy1
43:00Francis moaning now that the Villa player should get a Yellow card. SHUT UPsmiffy1
42:00Eighth Man City Corner. Villa clear again for a throw-insmiffy1
40:00Free Kick for a foul on Milner in the back. Nasri to take and it goes over everyone. Villa clearsmiffy1
38:00Headed off the line by Villa. Closesmiffy1
38:00Great cross and great clearance from Cieran Clarke. Another corner to Citysmiffy1
36:00Trevor Francis again moaning about the offside call. SHUT UP Francis you Muppett !!!!!smiffy1
35:00Kozak and Weiman haven't had a sniff for Villa but still 0-0smiffy1
33:00City moving the ball around well. Villa lost by this 3-5-2 system of Lambertssmiffy1
31:00Finally a shot by Bacuna and Villa - Miles wide thoughsmiffy1
29:00Another chance missed by City - It must be 10 chances to nil but still no goalssmiffy1
27:005yh Man City corner - cleared and then Man City attack again. Poor cross from Milnersmiffy1
27:005yh Man City corner - cleared and then Man City attack again. Poor cross from Milnersmiffy1
24:00Listen to Trevor Francis on the commentary in the US. Every chance he gets he has a dig at the Villa. Whose bright idea was it to have this blue nose co mmentating on the Villa. get the idiot offsmiffy1
23:00Crap free kick and Joe Hart watches it go over. Very Poorsmiffy1
23:00Free Kick Villa about 35 outsmiffy1
21:00Another corner for City - They are marching up the field far too easy. Cleared by Villa. smiffy1
20:00Nasri trying his tricks but nothinjg working. Villa really need to put their foot on the ball. Giving it away too oftensmiffy1
19:00Villa losing out in all departments at the moment. Not getting a sniff in midfieldsmiffy1
18:00City Corner - taken short but initially cleared by the Villa. City still pressing. Goal kick Villa.smiffy1
15:00Just switched TV on to watch the match. 0-0 at the moment. Come on Villasmiffy1


3 2


Date:28th September 2013Game Start:14:00


95:00In Wenger the Arsenal fans Trustkarlp1
95:00A good game and a deserved victory for Arsenalkarlp1
95:00Scramble and an Arsenal free kick in the arsenal boxkarlp1
95:00Last minutekarlp1
94:00Walker another chance and duffs itkarlp1
93:00Corner Spurskarlp1
92:00Walker - 2 x poor crosses. Looks very tiredkarlp1
92:00Arsenal playing six at the backkarlp1
90:00Walcott for Sagnakarlp1
90:00Walker shot - Tired effortkarlp1
89:0090 minutes are almost up and then 5 mins of extra timekarlp1
88:00Walker cross - easy for Chesneykarlp1
86:00Walcott clear but cant get a cross overkarlp1
86:00LaMella effort is weakkarlp1
84:00Kolsheny upends defooe about 30 yards out. Awful effort from chadlikarlp1
82:00Walker looking tired nowkarlp1
79:00Defoe elbows walcott in the face going for a headerkarlp1
79:00Giroud does well - Walcott shot - Good Save - Monreal misses the reboundkarlp1
78:00Rosicky off and Monreal on for Arsenalkarlp1
77:00Townsend off earlier - Not sure of replacementkarlp1
75:00Giroux offsidekarlp1
73:00Defoe shot - Chesney great savekarlp1
73:00Sandro for Capoukarlp1
73:00Capou being stretchered offkarlp1
71:00Kafu down and in troublekarlp1
66:00Paulinho shot - Just widekarlp1
65:00Game opening up and Arsenal on flying on counter attackkarlp1
62:00Walcott corner. Poorkarlp1
62:00Arsenal on counter. Giroud shot and good save by the Sups keeperkarlp1
59:00Townsend cross to Paulhno who is an inch or two shortkarlp1
59:00Foul on Walker but it looked like he flopped for that one - Not Good Walkerkarlp1
58:00Walcott the threat wide again and it's a cornerkarlp1
56:00Ramsey foul on Walker - push in backkarlp1
54:00Poor free kick effort from chadlikarlp1
53:00Flamini lungs on Rosekarlp1
50:00Rose attempted cross that goes straight out for a Arsenal free kickkarlp1
50:00Foul on Chadli - Free Kick to Spurskarlp1
48:00Walker foul. Taken by Arsenal - Poor doesn't clear first playerkarlp1
48:00Arsenal holding on to the ball and it's very tight in that mddfieldkarlp1
47:00Corner for Spurs. Cleared by arsenalkarlp1
46:00Start of 2nd Halfkarlp1
46:00OK just blew away the leaves round the patio. Now it's time to sit back and enjoy 2nd halfkarlp1
45:00HALF TIME - Arsenal Leading 1-0karlp1
45:001 minute of added timekarlp1
44:00Walker fouls and it's am Arsenal free kick. Keeper comes a long way and gets a punch on itkarlp1
43:00Flamini replaces Wilshirekarlp1
43:00Jack Wilshire going off - Another issue for Englandkarlp1
40:00Walcott's movement is causing the Spurs center halves problems. There is space wide for Arsenalkarlp1
37:00Townsend with a decent shot and looks like the most likely to score. karlp1
37:00Spurs too slow in their build-upkarlp1
35:00Spurs have slowed down a little and are not finding the forward space they need karlp1
34:00Still 1-0 Arsenal and things fairly evenkarlp1
31:00Townsend looks sharp and the Arsenal keeper makes a good save from his shotkarlp1
25:00Wiltshere is strong and puts a nice ball in to Walcott. Good save from the Spurs keeperkarlp1
23:001-0 Arsenal. There is space wide for Arsenal and you can't give Walcott that much spacekarlp1
20:00GOAL !!!!! - Walcoot wide cross to Giroud - Quality finish. Got in front of his defenderkarlp1
20:00Not many clear cut chances in first 20karlp1
20:00Walcott goes over too easy and it's a goal kick to Spurskarlp1
17:00Spurs looking the better side and looking good going forwardkarlp1
16:00Risicki sloppy foulkarlp1
12:00Townsend and walker link up and Spurs go closekarlp1
10:00Chadli has good feet and puts a nice cross over - Cleared by arsenalkarlp1
10:00Bouncing around and cleared by arsenalkarlp1
09:00Chaddley wins a cornerkarlp1
06:00Giroud - Good run and great through ball but header is widekarlp1
05:00Went low and it just shaved the post - Very Closekarlp1
05:00Free Kick Arsenal. That's BS it was never a free kick. Just outside the boxkarlp1
01:00Headed overkarlp1
01:00Good free kick and good save - Corner to Arsenalkarlp1
01:00Free Kick to Arsenal just outside the boxkarlp1
01:00Townsend wins a corner for Surskarlp1
Here we Go at the Emirates stadiumkarlp1
2 Minutes to go to the London derby - No Bale I suspect but haven't seen the teams yetkarlp1


1 0


Date:1st September 2013Game Start:15:00


95:00IT's ALL OVER. Liverpool 1-0 and are Top of Premier Leaguesmiffy1
94:00Sterling shot and a good save from DeGea. Corner Liverpoolsmiffy1
94:00The Kop singing 'Walk Alone' nowsmiffy1
92:00Welbeck moaning about a throwing. Shut up you donutsmiffy1
92:00Carrick foul on Sterling. Free Kick Liverpool and they are trying to see out timesmiffy1
91:00Liverpool goal kick. 5 mins is a long time and ManU will get a chance or twosmiffy1
90:005 minutes of added timesmiffy1
90:00Everyone in the box. Enrique clearssmiffy1
89:00Edge of 18 yard for Man U. Is this there final chancesmiffy1
88:00Liverpool holding on to the ballsmiffy1
86:00Van Persie - SO CLOSE. on his left foot and puts it widesmiffy1
85:005 minutes to go and Liverpool still lead 1-0smiffy1
84:00Poor free kick. Over everyone's headsmiffy1
83:00Free Kick Man U on 18-yardsmiffy1
83:00Coutinho off andLuis Alberta on. $10 Million playersmiffy1
82:00Hernandez from outside the box and minuet comfortably savessmiffy1
79:00Nani is firing things up and looking dangeroussmiffy1
78:00Johnson off and Wisdon onsmiffy1
76:00Glen Johnson looks like he's done after that tackle and looks like he may not play the rest of the game. What does that do for England next week?smiffy1
76:00Great save from Minolet. 25 yard strick from Evrasmiffy1
76:00Johnson still limpingsmiffy1
74:00Bang Bang tackle from Johnson on Evra. What a tacklesmiffy1
74:00VP and Hernandez up front for Man Usmiffy1
73:00Liverpool yet to concede a goal this season in three games. Impressivesmiffy1
72:00Hernandez on for Giggs. Quality striker. Just scores goalssmiffy1
71:00Short backpass from Vidic and DeGea boots it outsmiffy1
70:00Valencia goes off for treatment after a poke in the eyesmiffy1
68:00Corner from Nani and Giggs flicks it on. Comfortable savesmiffy1
66:00Liverpool taking too long to move the ball forward and Man U get bodies behind the ball. Rodgers will not be happysmiffy1
64:00Again bad passing from Liverpool and they give it awaysmiffy1
63:00Liverpool held the ball well in first half but giving it straight back to Man U at the moment. Working hard to win the ball and then give it backsmiffy1
61:00Sterling first touch and he gives it away. Pacey player but should not give it away so easilysmiffy1
60:00Courtinho moves up front with Sterling on the leftsmiffy1
60:00Aplas (Number 9 ) is going off. Sterling on. About time Aplas touch was shockingsmiffy1
59:00Ashley young pulls back Henderson and it's a yellow card. Muppet. I will be surprised if someone does not get sent off heresmiffy1
57:00The Liverpool number 9 touch is shocking. He is awfulsmiffy1
56:00All Man U at the moment. Liverpool can't hang on to the ballsmiffy1
56:00Van Persie slides in to cut out danger. Good tracking backsmiffy1
54:00Fould by Johnson on young on edge of Man U 18-yard. No need there they were backed up. Use your head Johnsonsmiffy1
53:00Corner Giigs. Punched my Minulet. smiffy1
52:00Carrick, bad pass that almost plays in Sturridgesmiffy1
50:00Corner Man U. Deep from Young. And a 2nd corner.Godd shot by Ashley young but blocked by Glen Johnson. Good spell from Man Usmiffy1
48:00chance for Agger but it comes off his shoulder. goal kicksmiffy1
48:00foul by carrick just outside the manu 18-yardsmiffy1
46:00Man U still moaning about tackles. Stop moaning and get on with the game smiffy1
45:002nd Half about to startsmiffy1
45:00Ref having a word with both captains and trying to calm things down. Should be a good 2nd halfsmiffy1
45:00HALF TIME and Liverpool winning 1-0smiffy1
45:00Van Persie doing his best to get sent off but the ref calms things downsmiffy1
44:00Almost Half Time and Liverpool comfortable at 1-0smiffy1
44:00Looks like 2 mins of extra time. Man U have hardly had a shot. Liverpool working hardsmiffy1
42:00Three yellow cards in 6 minutes for Man U - They look rattledsmiffy1
04:00Poachers goal from Sturridge - Great Startsmiffy1


1 0


Date:1st September 2013Game Start:12:30


We now look to Gane 3 in San Antonio on Tuesday, Spurs have chance to finish off heat there are they play 3 games in a row at homeDynomike
Miami matches by benching all their starsDynomike
popavich basically concedes the loss as he replaces line up with all reserves.Dynomike
channels begin to switch to other options as Heat goes up by 19. So much for the home field advantage that the Spurs had after game 1Dynomike
it is getting ugly as heat go up by 15 after a mike miller 3Dynomike
Miami closes 3q with a 14-3 run to go up by 10!Dynomike
white stripes cash in on more royalties as the crowd starts to chant seven nation army humDynomike
Birdman assessed for a foul for having too many tattoosDynomike
Its gettin scary for Spurs as heat go up by 7Dynomike
Ray Allen hits a big 3 to put heat up by5Dynomike
Green hit another and now has 17 for spurs as the go up by 1Dynomike
MOnster dunk from Ginobli! Dynomike
Huge shot leonard but he misses foul shotDynomike
Scrappin Spurs just wont go away as Danny Green hits another 3 (he is 5 for 5). Lead cut to just 1!Dynomike
Heat pull ahead by 8 but Duncan hits a two to pull back by 6Dynomike
James gets away with charge. Bad call by refs.Dynomike
Miami forces suprising 8th TO from Spurs as half ends heat up 5 Dynomike
Chalmers suprisng lead scorer for heat with 10Dynomike
questionable personal foul called on Lebron as he goes up for a contested rebound Dynomike
Heat hit last 6 of 7 from field Dynomike
Parker hits a sweet jump shot. Ray Allen answers with a 3, parker responds with a driving shot in a wild back to back to back flurryDynomike
Spurs now 6-8 from three point range as they go up by 5.Dynomike
Spurs would be way behind if not for all of their three pointersDynomike
Just when it looks like Miami might be pulling away, Spurs hit a shot to keep it close. then another 3! to tie it at 29-29Dynomike
Miller hits 3 to put heat up by 3Dynomike
Spurs coach is hilarious in interview deadpaning "all i saw was turnovers"Dynomike
Spurs have got to be happy with a tie game at end of q1 given that Miami probably wanted to dominate from the start after losing game one at home. Dynomike
James hits huge fadway shot at tghe end of 1st q to even things up at 22-22. Even though its tied Miami looks good, Spurs are doing great on three point shootingDynomike
birdman dunks it!Dynomike
Great defense on both sides with nice blocks and low fg percentagesDynomike
Miami takes lead of qaurter Dynomike
hits free throw for 3 pint playDynomike
Haslem shoots and nice shot and get fouled Dynomike
Parker hits a sweet driving shotDynomike
NIce driving lay up for d-waydeDynomike
shot clock viollation for spurs, 4 turnovers already for them but they still lead 11-9 Dynomike
Green again from downtown, amazing start for Spurs!Dynomike
Spurs looking good as Green hits a 3!Dynomike
Bosh hit his first show as spurs lead early 3-2Dynomike
Can MIami bounce back tonight. Probably yes, but Lebron haters can hope not.Dynomike


103 84


Date:10th June 2013Game Start:00:00


Still waiting for the first period of extra time to start. I hope it doesn't last long as it's getting late. Come on Chicago get the winner real soonsmiffy1
Overtime it is. It seems like it's every game with these two teams. Boston currently leading 2-1 in games, this one could be decisivesmiffy1
3 - 2 - 1 That's it and we're heading for overtimesmiffy1
Offside with 18 seconds to gosmiffy1
Last 30 seconds - Will anyone win it at this late stage?smiffy1
Still tied at 5-5 with a minute to go in regulation. Looks like it's going to overtimesmiffy1
All Boston at the moment and they come close with 1:30 o gosmiffy1
Only just managed to get in front of TV with 3 minutes to go in the 3rd qtr and its tied at 5-5 smiffy1


5 6


Date:20th June 2013Game Start:00:00


01:00IT's ALL OVER - EAGLES WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smiffy1
01:00Victory Formation smiffy1
01:00Timeout Dallas - Is this the victory formation - Not Yet - 1st Downsmiffy1
02:00Intercepted by EAGLES !!!!!!!!!!smiffy1
02:00back to 32smiffy1
02:00Dallas will get the ball back after 2 minute warning and a puntsmiffy1
03:00Big down - 3rd and 4smiffy1
03:00Shady gains 4smiffy1
03:00Dallas kick-off - Eagles to 15smiffy1
03:0024 - 22 Will Dallas go for on-site kick. They have one timeout plus 2-minute warning - I doubt it but you never knowsmiffy1
03:002 point conversion - INCOMPLETEsmiffy1
04:00Touchdown - Dallssmiffy1
04:004th and 9 - Timeoutsmiffy1
04:003rd down - Incompletesmiffy1
04:003rd and 9smiffy1
04:002nd and 15smiffy1
04:001st penalty of night - Delay of Gamesmiffy1
06:00Whitton to Eagles 33smiffy1
06:00Dallas 1st down at their 33smiffy1
06:00Touchback - Dallas to start at 20smiffy1
06:00Eagles with 8-point lead and 6 minutes to gosmiffy1
06:00Touchdown Eagles - Bryce Brownsmiffy1
06:001st down on 7smiffy1
08:00Just short of 1st down - 3rd down smiffy1
08:002nd and 7 on 15 - Sorrysmiffy1
08:002nd and 15smiffy1
08:001st Down Eagles to 20smiffy1
09:00gain of 4smiffy1
10:00Still a yard to go - Shady gets the 1st downsmiffy1
10:00McCoy to 32 - 2nd and 2smiffy1
11:00McCoy - No gain on Eagles 40smiffy1
11:00Eagles takeover on 45smiffy1
12:00Short of 1st Downsmiffy1
13:003rd and 3 Dallassmiffy1
13:001st Down Dallas to halfwaysmiffy1
Oh dear Eagles - That 4th down attempt is looking bad nowsmiffy1
Dallas to 12smiffy1
01:004th and Goal - Dallas stop themsmiffy1
01:00Dallas call time-Outsmiffy1
01:004th and goalsmiffy1
01:003rd and goal on 6smiffy1
02:00Celek to 6-yard line and it's 1st and Goalsmiffy1
03:00Shady first down again to 28smiffy1
03:00Shady to Dallas 38smiffy1
03:00Eagles on their own 47smiffy1
04:003 and out for Dallassmiffy1
04:003rd and 9 Dallassmiffy1
05:003 and out again for the Eaglessmiffy1
07:00Another field Goal attempt - converted - Eagles lead by 1smiffy1
07:003rd and 9smiffy1
07:00Dallas 2nd and 9smiffy1
07:00Dallas recover Foles fumble at 20smiffy1
07:003rd and 11smiffy1
08:00Eagles starting at 20smiffy1
09:00Field Goal Attempt is good - Eagles lead by 4smiffy1
09:00Incomplete - Good coverage in End Zonesmiffy1
10:00third and 8 after loss of 4smiffy1
10:002nd and 4smiffy1
12:001st down Dallassmiffy1
12:00offside again Eagles now 3rd and 2smiffy1
13:003rd and 7 - smiffy1
13:00Dallas on 35smiffy1
15:003rd and 3 - 3 and out for Eaglessmiffy1
15:00Shady to 27 smiffy1
15:00Foles sacked at 8smiffy1
15:002nd Half Starts - Eagles at 20smiffy1
17-10 Eagles at the halfsmiffy1
44-yard attempt - Down the Middlesmiffy1
00:23Dallas about to attempt a field goalsmiffy1
00:293rd and 10smiffy1
00:342nd and 10smiffy1
01:02Whitton to 25smiffy1
01:02Witton to Eagles 40smiffy1
01:09first down Dallassmiffy1
01:09Orton slides to 37smiffy1
01:19Dallas to start from 20smiffy1
01:1917-7 Eaglessmiffy1
01:19Touchdown Celek & Eaglessmiffy1
01:42Great Catch - Brent Celeksmiffy1
02:00Intercepted by Michael Kendrick smiffy1
03:002 minute warning of 1st half - Dallas to midfieldsmiffy1
03:003rd and ninesmiffy1
03:00DM running through people to a 1st downsmiffy1
04:00Fair Catch interference - 15-yard penalty to 25smiffy1
05:00Eagles punt to Dallas 10smiffy1
05:003rd and 14smiffy1
05:00Foles Sackedsmiffy1
06:00Shady to Dallas 45smiffy1
07:00Eagles 1st down to Eagles 38smiffy1
07:003rd and 8 - The Eagles need to start getting Yardssmiffy1
08:00McCoy going nowheresmiffy1
08:003 and out from Eagles was costly - Must do better against Dallas defencesmiffy1
08:0010-7 Eaglessmiffy1
08:00Touchdown Dallassmiffy1
08:001st down Dallas at Eagles 20smiffy1
10:0010-0 Eagles at the momentsmiffy1
10:00Williams with a big catch in 2nd quartersmiffy1
14:00Shady Touchdownsmiffy1
Shady McCoy to 35smiffy1
03:00Fair Catch on 12-yard line. Eagles ballsmiffy1
04:00looks like Dallas are puntingsmiffy1
04:003rd and 3 oat half waysmiffy1
06:00Gain of 19 to 41smiffy1
10:00Field Goal from 47 Yards - 3-0 Eaglessmiffy1
10:00and 19smiffy1
10:00Philly to 35smiffy1
11:00Fumble - Philadelphia pick it up - 1st down to Phillysmiffy1
11:00run - screensmiffy1
12:00offside - 5 yards - 1st Down Dallassmiffy1
13:00pass - run - 3rd & 2smiffy1
14:00Murray run - Pass to Des Bryant smiffy1
15:00Eagles kick off - Dallas to receive - to 23smiffy1
15:001st Quarter about to Startsmiffy1
Game about to Start - Will Dallas mess things up again? We shall see smiffy1


22 24


Date:30th December 2013Game Start:01:30


13:00Manning back on the field - Let's see what he does this time - Hakeem Nicks to the Dallas 25smiffy1
03:003-0 Dallas - Field Goalsmiffy1
01:00Interception by Weir - Manning what the heck was thatsmiffy1
Just waiting for Carrie Underwoodsmiffy1
Not long to go before kickoffsmiffy1
Waiting for the start of the Giants and Cowboys game. Giants haven't lost in the new Dallas stadium yet. smiffy1


36 31


Date:9th September 2013Game Start:00:30



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